Health & Safety

Reducing risk, maintaining safety

The construction industry can be a very hazardous environment. We therefore ensure maximum effort is put into developing and maintaining our approach to site Health & Safety.

We recognise the importance of Health and Safety for all those who may be affected by our works. On each project we liaise closely with our clients to ensure that everyone is working to provide the highest possible standards of Health & Safety throughout the works.

We prioritise all Health & Safety related issues, and as a result, invest a significant amount of time and effort developing our working methods to ensure all work is carried out in line with our current policies, and ensure all of our staff do too.

  • Dedicated in-house Training Manager.
  • All our site staff hold CSCS accreditation, including safety awareness training.
  • FASET approved and trained Safety Net Riggers.
  • Our staff understand their H&S responsibilities investing in ongoing training and issue all staff an SMD Health & Safety booklet.
  • We retain a full-time H&S Consultant, who monitors our practices, delivers bespoke training and undertakes regular site audits.

We constantly review our working practices to identify ways to reduce and eliminate risk and as a result, we maintain an excellent safety record.

Creechurch, London 29,600 sqm, Floor Deck

Wolverhampton Int’ 3,700 sqm, Floor Deck

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